What are the self-watering planters?

The self-watering planters provide a mechanism for automatic watering of the plants from the water reservoir and you only need to feed water to the reservoir occasionally. This is an ideal setup for those plant owners who don't necessarily have the time to water their plants regularly and as a result these plants might suffer due to the lack of hydration.

There are numerous manufacturers of the self-watering planters in the market that produce good quality products. It is always a good practice to look at the different options available before you go ahead and purchase a self-watering planter based on your individual requirements.

Setting up the self-watering planters

If you have bought a self-watering planter and are wondering how to set it up, then don't worry. Here we will provide you with the complete guide on setting up the watering planter effectively.

The first step involves putting all the parts in the planter as per the instructions that came along with the specific watering system that you purchased. Then you must put the moist potting soil mix within the container of the planter. Here it is worth noting that you must not use the dry potting soil. Then you must pack the potting soil at the bottom of the planter. This is where saturation of roots will be done by water. If the planter that you have bought uses a wick system, then you must ensure that the wick comes in contact with potting soil and the reservoir of water.

You can now plant your preferred plants within the container. You must ensure that the potting mix is not too compact however it does need to be firm for providing the necessary support to the plants. The next step involves you putting water from the top. You can watch the indicator of the water level to know the amount of water that needs to be added and also keep track of the water levels in the container.

After you have added water you must wait for water to be soaked via potting mix within the water reservoir. If you need to add more water than you can use the water injection for doing so. Now you can keep refilling the water reservoir as and when needed or indicated by the water level. If you want to add the new potting soil, then you must ensure that it is moist since the dry soil does not wick.

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